The vision of the Foundation is to assist young people under 16 years of age to participate, to the best of their ability, in the sport of their choice irrespective of their social circumstances, culture or ethnicity and to ensure that, in doing so, they improve their chances both inside and outside sport.

Dickie and the Trustees raise all funds at events supported by volunteers and generous patrons. No money is received from Government or Councils. Therefore, Grants provided by The Foundation are limited to no more than £500 per individual so that we can spread our funds widely to the neediest individuals.

Grants are ONLY payable to disadvantaged children aged under 16 for essential sports equipment and clothing. Travel or coaching are not payable. Payment is for individuals therefore teams/groups should not apply.

The Trustees consider Grants some four times a year. As stated in the Application Form, in order to minimise costs, those who are unsuccessful WILL NOT be advised.